Palakkad Industrial Area, Kerala

The strategy to develop the extension of Chennai Bengaluru Industrial Corridor (CBIC) to Kochi via Coimbatore Industrial Corridor is to achieve accelerated development and regional industry agglomeration in the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. The extension of CBIC to Kochi via Coimbatore covers parts of two states, (viz. Tamil Nadu and Kerala) addresses the infrastructure bottlenecks through a holistic approach while benefiting from the inherent strengths and competitiveness of each of the states. These high-impact/market-driven self-sustaining proposed nodes are developed, at strategic locations, within the corridor to provide transparent and investment-friendly environments.

The first node, Palakkad Node is set to cover an area of approximately 1,878 acres in three land agglomerations that has been demarcated for the development of the Integrated Manufacturing Clusters (IMCs) at Palakkad in Kerala. The site is divided into three locations;

• Puduserry (East and Central) parcel of 558 and 600 acres
• Kannambra parcel of 470 acres
• Ozhalapathy parcel of 250 acres

Secondly, the proposed early bird project of Kochi Bengaluru Industrial Corridor (KBIC), namely “Global City" node of approximately 543 acres is envisioned with financial/business centre as an integral part and growth driver for the city, complemented with knowledge-based service sectors and state of the art infrastructure to compete with global hi-tech services and financial hubs. The goal is to boost development in the region and act as a catalyst in bringing more investments with direct and indirect employment.

Consultant has been appointed for the preparation of a detailed master plan and preliminary engineering for the project.