Artificial Intelligence: A smarter way to build smart cities

The challenges of developing brownfield cities are different from Greenfield, but common to both is the understanding that technologies like AI and IoT will be the cornerstone of realizing India’s aspirations of building ‘intelligent’ cities of tomorrow.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, a term that a few decades ago circled around in the realms of sci-fi and fantasy, is a reality today. The most evolved AI of our fantasy tales is often sentient machines scheming to take over the world. We are not there yet, and perhaps reality is far more benign than our imagination.

India’s pharma industry vital for world’s vaccination programme

India has also the largest number of FDA approved plants outside the US, nearly 2,050 WHO-GMP approved pharma plants, and a number of European Directorate of Quality Medicines (EDQM) approved plants with state of the art technology. India's pharma and medical devices industry, the 3rd largest producer of pharmaceutical products by volume and 14th largest by value, benefits from the economies of scale derived from the huge domestic and export market, cheap labour, and low-cost manufacturing.